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EUMA is actively promote and cultivate the best employee who has the ability, political integrity and loyalty for company.    
The principles of choose and employ persons:  1. The best person we choose  2. Giving the most chance to promotion  3. To be completely able to show self-talent.
Basic request:
The person quality of honest and integrity

Moral and conscience are the basic of person's mind and doing works, emplyee's moral level as same as show the company as well.
The sacrified spirit of diligence and deicated

Voluntary to do overtime work and help company to progress and loyal company with correct language and honest mind.

The working habit of enthusiasm and consciously

For person or enterprise, without enthusiam like as no power train that can not run too long even the guide way is long and straight."
The personal style of humble and unity

In moden enterprise management, only team work can be survival.   One person is diffcult to run without team work. "

The working attitude of tough and responsibility

To bravely undertake the working resposibility, to face the result, to right way handle even having much pressure."

The state of mind of persuit progress

To persuit the desire of success and the progress of no-satisfication,  only one way to extend without stay still.

The progress ability of learning and thinking

To be able to suit the changeable market, to follow company's step, to general all the experience in order to self-growth and self-improvement."

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