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1986-Jan.      : MAXRICH CORPORATION built, selling international brand of CNC machine tool in Taiwan market with sales and after service"

1992-Jan.      : MAKETEC CORPORATION built, selling Japan CAD/CAM/CAE system in Taiwan market of car-mold and H-steel"

1995-Jan.      : EUMA GROUP built, combine MAXRICH and MAKETEC with EUMA CORPORATION, producing/selling/servicing CNC machine tool.   Capital: NT dollar 5 millions"

1996-Oct.      : EUMA ( NANJING ) CORPORATION built, selling EUMA machine tools and CAD/CAM/CAE system in China market with exhibit,maintenance and training center"

1996-Nov.     : Capital: NT dollar 20 millions

1997-March  : EUMA machines with European CE regulation from AMTRI

1999-May     : EUMA EV-810/1020 vertical machining center received EMC electrical safty license

1999-Aug.    : EUMA-SPINNER CORPORATION built, join venture with Germany SPINNER, the only one Taiwan-Germany machine tool company in Taiwan"
1999-Oct.      : Develope EV-1300 vertical machining center

1999-Nov.    : EUMA received Germany TUV ISO9002 quality license

1999-Dec.    : Capital: NT dollar 29.5 Millions

2000-Aug.    : The completion of the third and the forth factory

2000-Oct.      : Develop ME650/810/1020 colum moving machining center and EV650 vertical machining center

2002-May     : OPEN HOUSE in NANJING to show EUMA CNC machine tools and develop EH66/86 ram type horizontal machining center

2002-Aug.    : Capital: NT dollar 59.95 Millions

2004-June     : Develop DMH-i double column high speed molding machining center

2005-July     : Develop  EQ860/1060 high speed vertical machining center

2005-Dec.    : EUMA ( NANJING ) CORPORATION  Company Chinese name be modified

2006-Feb.    : The completion of EUMA new factory in Taichung Science Park

2007-April   : EUMA castle style new factory be announced to formal operation

2007-May    : Capital: NT dollar 134 Millions

2008-March  : Develop DU series column box vertical machining center with 3/4/5 axis high-end machine tools

2009-Oct.      : Capital: NT dollar 194 Millions

2009-Nov.        : Completely finish the special case research of column moving MEH/MEU multi-function machining center for Taiwan Chung-san Science Bureau
2010-March  :  As affected by world economic crisis and Euro devaluation, to build a survey team to operate and transfer production base and China market developed"
2010-May     : Taiwan EUMA as a trading company and the production base move into China from reaserch,molding,casting,cutting,production,sales and after service"
2011-Jan.      : Commissioned TEMA CORPORATION as represent EUMA machines in China maket

2011-July      : Remove the agent contract with TEMA CORPORATION

2011-Aug.    : EUMA ( NANJING ) CORPORATION join venture with JIANGSU YI-PERN HEAVY INDUSTRY to build EUMA ( JIANGSU ) CORPORATION which produce EUMA machine tools

2012-Jan.     : Starting to develop EUMA high-end machine DU3/DU4/DU5 in China local production

2012-June    : Received ISO9001 quality license from EACC

2013-March : Join Beijing 2013 CIMTOS international machine exhibition to formally show EUMA new developing products

2014-Jan.   : Formally announce EUMA VORA EV new series machine into market
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